Now that we have seen tonight’s live eviction on Big Brother 20, we have watched the Jury Battle Back and now that we have one returning member in the Big Brother house, we can move onto this week’s HOH! Refresh this page often for all the details of this week’s HOH comp on Big Brother 20 right here with our Big Brother spoilers

Tonight has been an interesting night. We watched as Fessy was evicted from the Big Brother 20 house and joined Bayleigh, Rockstar and Scottie in the Jury Battle Back. Scottie was able to take a lead in the Jury Battle Back and pulled out a big win and re-entered the house. We watched the HGs get Scottie all caught up on what’s been going on while the HOH comp was being set up.

At about 10:42pm BBT the feeds came back to the HGs hanging from ropes that are rotating around and spinning at the same time. At 10:49pm BBT, JC is the first HG to fall from his rope. He says that he feels like he is going to puke as soon as he hits the mat. As the HGs are rotating and spinning, they are also being shot with “mustard” and “ketchup.” There is also a huge “pie” that they smack into each go around. Here is a screenshot of the beginning of the comp with all the HGs hanging on.

20 minutes into the comp and everyone except JC is still holding strong, but the rotations and spinning has gotten faster. At 11:08pm BBT, Sam comes down and feeling really sick from spinning. Angela hands her a bucket just in case she is going to puke and puts a towel down for her to lay on. Scottie is spinning out of control for a while, but is able to slow himself back down, but moments later at 11:10pm, his foot slipped and he goes down. It is down to Haleigh, Tyler, Kaycee, and Brett.

Kaycee does manage throw up while holding on and continuing to spin. She yells “Let’s Go!” to pump herself up. Half hour into the comp and Tyler, Brett, Kaycee, and Haleigh are still going strong. In addition to being shot by ketchup and mustard, the HGs are also covered in feathers. 11:22pm BBT, Brett falls from his rope and is not happy about it. It’s down to Kaycee, Tyler and Haleigh.

At 11:28pm BBT, the pie goes from stationary to slapping the HGs as they go by. This is causing the HGs to rotate, spin and now swing a little at the same time. This doesn’t look like fun at all, in fact, I’m getting queasy watching it. After getting hit with the pie, Kaycee is down at 11:32pm BBT. It is down to Haleigh and Tyler. At 11:42, an hour into the comp, Haleigh and Tyler are still holding on, but they are both looking like they are struggling to hold on.

Haleigh sarcastically says “hit me a little harder next time, give me all you got” and the next time around, Haleigh gets nailed by the pie and falls. Tyler is the new HOH!

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