They’re heeerrreeee! The soon-to-be house guests for Big Brother 2009 have been revealed. Check out the list below including a strange 13th, unnamed HG that is making me scratch my head. Pictures of all the HGs can be found over at Big Brother 11.

Big Brother 11 HouseGuests:

“Braden” – “Eye candy” says Grodner. 25yr old surfer dude

“Casey” – the “dad,” 41yr old 5th-grade teacher & DJ

“Chima” – 32yr old freelance journalist

“Jeff” – 30yr old advertising salesman from Chicago, single

“Jordan” – 22yr-old waitress. Young blonde female

“Kevin” – token homosexual male. 29yr old graphic designer

“Laura” – Young brunette female that reminded me of BB8’s Jen

“Lydia” – here’s a BB first: bisexual female. 24yr old make-up artist

“Michele” – the “smart girl,” 27yr old neuroscientist (that’s kinda cool)

“Natalie” – apparently the “tough girl,” 24 yr old Tae Kwon Do champion

“Ronnie” – the “geek,” 30yr old, married, an obsessed gamer (apparently that’s a profession) with a photographic memory including in-depth details on BB history

“Russell” – the “tough guy,” 24yr old MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter

“Mystery HG” – ohhh. CBS has listed one additional HG spot with a “?” on their site! YakkityYaks speculate this HG may be revealed July 7th

Source: Big Brother Network

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