Here you can find all the latest Big Brother 2010 details and spoilers in up-to-the-minute updates.

Who has won what, and who is in the hotseat. This will be constantly updated.

When I know it, You will know it.

Week 5:

HOH: Matt

Nominated #1-Brendan

Nominated #2-Rachel



Week 4:

HOH: Rachel

Nominated #1- Hayden

Nominated #2- Kristen

POV- Britney (not used)

Evicted: Kristin

Week 3:

HoH:  Matt

Nominated #1: Andrew
Nominated #2: Kathy
PoV:  Brendan
Evicted: Andrew


Week 2:

HoH:  Rachel

Nominated #1: Matt
Nominated #2: Monet
PoV: Britney
Evicted: Monet

Week 1:

HoH:  Hayden

Nominated #1: Annie
Nominated #2:   Rachel
PoV:  Brendan
Evicted: Annie