Last night brought back some hard-core gaming in the Big Brother 2011 House.

The deals went whirling through the house like the Tazmanian Devil. And it all centered around a Taz named Rachel.

Everyone is FINALLY flipping out about the upcoming twist. The Dombies are extremely concerned with what could happen if Rachel stays, so they started trying to wheel and deal with her, claiming that they are the ones who will decide her fate.

In actuality, it was Shelly who ran the deal, though now she’s raging with worry that Rachel will cut deals with the Dani-ites for next week, leaving her, JeJo and Adam in the lurch. A little after midnight last night,  Shelly flew up to HOH– in manic mode–claiming they were all lying to her. She even examined their pupils for dilation, to see if they were “shooting her straight.”

Kalia and Dani did, in fact offer a quasi-deal to Rachel.  It went like this.. “We have the votes to keep you, and we’ll do it if you promise not to go after us if you win HOH.” Rachel didn’t exactly say yes or no.  And why should she?  Rachel knows that Dani and Kalia do NOT control the votes.. That is all Shelly and Adam.  However, when Rachel went down to tell Jordan what was said, she never mentioned the word….DEAL.  Even if she DOES agree to Danlia’s offer,   she has claimed she’ll break it and put Dani and Kalia up.

What will Rachel end up doing if she stays in Big Brother 13???  She’s in such a state of oblivion due to her bereavement, it’s impossible to tell. And that’s exactly what makes the JeJo/Shelly alliance nervous. “It’s like baby-sitting a four-year old.” As Jeff explains it.

Flashback to the FEEDS at 12:31am BBT and watch Shelly’s outburst in the HOH room. Then through 1am as the two Big Brother 2011 groups both try to figure out how to “solve a problem like Rachel.”

Beginning today and throughout the next week, the LIVE FEEDS is the place to be.. This Twist has the potential of being some of the best Big Brother TV we’ve ever seen. SIGN UP HERE if you want to be a part of it!



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