Happy 40th Birthday Wishes to our Big Brother 2011 Adam aka “Cruddy the Elf.”

The HG’s celebrated the heavy-metal sweetie with a game of Twister and a birthday gift of pseudo-scabs.  Um, yeah. That’s right.. Scabs.. Jeff crafted them from beef jerky and vaseline. It was quite the touching moment.

Starting today and through the rest of this week, should see some of the best gaming so far.  With the upcoming Twist this week– stay tuned to your feeds to see what the HG’s will do once Kalia makes her call on the replacement Nom. PLUS! This Thursday will “Twist” the game in a whole new direction no matter which HG walks back in the house. YOU do NOT want to miss the turmoil that will cause- SIGN UP HERE if you still don’t have the FEEDS– Give the FREE 3-day trial a spin–You won’t BELIEVE the difference between the CBS show and the REAL story..


It was an outwardly peaceful night in the Big Brother 2011 House, though tension and maneuvering went on all day and night. One thing became very clear early on. And that is the fact that Dani is distancing herself from Kalia. After nominations the other day, the first thing Daniele did was run to Jeff to say she had nothing to do with the HOH’s decision. If you’ll remember.. before nominations, Dani hardly left the HOH room. Yet since Jeff won POV (yay), Dani has not been near HOH, and has spent all her time cosying up to Porshe. She’s barely had three words to say to Kalia.

JeJo went up to the Big Brother HOH to speak to Kalia-at her request. She tried to explain that she never wanted Jeff to go, and that she only wanted to ensure he played in the Veto and (as Dani says–ad nauseum) Blah..Blah.. Blah.. Jeff’s reaction was calm. But he told her.. “Well, you made me dance for my dinner. So now you’re going to have to dance for yours. Cause I’m not going anywhere. Rachel’s not going anywhere. And you made a stupid game move putting up two strong people in a week when someone’s coming back.. I don’t get how you guys didn’t think that through.”

That’s right..the Dan-ombies are still in denial that someone will return to the game this week. Big Mistake..

A rare JeJo smooch

Funniest moment of the night. Dani to Porshe- “I don’t like when people play mind games.”

Another Dombie is born.






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