With only two days left before the Big Brother 2011 Premiere, every day new clues are coming to light. Check out the newest commercial- THREE new surprises? *gulp* Does that mean three Duos… OR the Duos and two MORE surprises?

Watch this newest commercial and let’s hear what you think??

We are left with only ONE big question– Who are these freakin’ DYNAMIC DUOS, who are dangling like spiders waiting to drop into the Big Brother 2011 House?

So.. let’s talk about that..

On the CBS website, it gave us a chance to vote–(as I’ve mentioned before)– on who we THINK will be entering the house. We now know that that vote has no relevance as to who WILL be entering the house. On an interview with Allison Grodner, the executive producer of Big Brother, she confirms that the “vote” was just entertainment and did not mean that America chose our Dynamic Duos. However… it does say…

Does that mean– they may have to compete for a place in the BB House??

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Dr. Will and (thank the heavens above) Natalie have already confirmed that they will not be involved. So.. Who does that leave?

Below are the Dynamic Duos (along with their percentage of likelihood) that I believe we will most likely see on Thursday night.

Jeff and Jordan- 95% Chance

The most beloved Dynamic Duo in Big Brother history. I think the chance that these two will enter the house on Premiere night is almost guaranteed. Everyone loves Jeff and Jordan, and they have both made a pretty good living on reality shows.

Dick and Danielle 85%

How perfect is that? The light and the dark. Angels and Devils? I think it very, VERY likely that we’ll see this team on Thursday night. psst.. New gossip says Dick and Danielle did not stay at the same hotel, and that they haven’t spoken since 08. And (get this) that he and Rachel have been pretty tight lately. Make of that what you will….New alliance in the works???

Brendan and Rachel 83%

The two previous teams are universally respected as BB players. You probably like one team more than the other, but you gotta give it to either one. They played the hell out of the game. But.. last season was Big Brother’s highest rated season yet.. and as much as we loved to hate them.. Brendan and Rachel put butts in the seats. I believe you are looking at your third Duo.. Dynamic??? You decide..


Just like in a Jury Trial (and OMG- did you guys watch the Casey Anthony trial? THAT was crazy) there always has to be a couple of alternates. My 4th and 5th choice for alternates are…..

Hayden and Enzo 31%

It could make sense that last years winner would be one of the contenders. and Enzo had a lot of fans. But come on.. God love em, these two were as boring as Wonder Bread.  I think it highly unlikely..

And my dark horse alternate. This is more of a wish than a prediction, but I just loved these two..

Eric and Jessica 3 %

I know, I know.. Unlikely, but I’d love to see him and Dick re-united and gosh dangit.. They were sooo cute.

There are those who think Dan and Memphis are also on the not-so-short list. But Dan just got married and is supposed to leave on his honeymoon tomorrow.. (or IS he???? mwwaahhhaahhhaahhhaa–)



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