Thank the Heavens for sunny California. Because we were given lots to look at yesterday in the Big Brother 2011 House.  Pretty people lounging around a pool with very little on.. Ahhh…

If you sign up here for the Big Brother Live Feeds. You can use the Flashback feature to see all this.. and much, much more. Folks– we’re only half-way through Week ONE in Big Brother 2011 .. Remember–in week one, everyone usually still loves each other, yet tensions are mounting. It’s only gonna get ugly from here and–trust me–you wanna be there when it all blows up.

I think we can safely say that Cassi is firmly in the Newbie camp, while her partner Shelly is in the Vets. There is no tension between the two yet, but as Cassi grows ever closer to Dominic, things may change.

Now.. The Big Brother 2011 Golden Key– whew! What a twist, huh? This thing is a Floater’s dream come true. Safety–a spot on the jury–and you can’t win HOH, so no making any hard decisions or power moves.

Kalia is the second person (after Cassie) who is actively seeking the Golden Key.  Last night in the HN room, she was talking it out to herself, deciding to tell the Vets she has a plan to tell the Newbies she wants to go home. She needs the Vets to guarantee her votes, which would put Lawon out, and she’d get the key..

For a power player, the Key would be horrible. For a Floater.. it’s literally a Golden Ticket.

The HG’s played a complicated drinking game last night, involving some weird rules, such as–if you point you must give Lawon a lap dance…AAnother Rule sent the HG’s out to “propse” to Jeff… When Adam proposed, Jess said “You really kissed me..It felt nice.” 🙂

PS– TOLD you they’d have to burn those sheets. lol

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