It was a dark, sultry night in the Big Brother 2011 House.. But evil forces were gathering to infiltrate the unsuspecting houseguests.. But what?? could it be? It IS!!

Captain Wedgie!!!

UPDATE- The crew is currently performing the VETO ceremony. We’ll update you with the results. Stay tuned!

Join us, as we watch the evil Mama-Boy try to snatch Captain Wedgie’s most prized posession—–

If you want to see the adventures of Captain Wedgie and Mama-Boy for yourself– Click HERE for the LIVE FEEDS— Things are only going to get crazier as they hold the Big Brother 2011 POV and people start scrambling for votes.

In other news– Dani and Rachel got the freaky Fortune Teller to start working till BB fussed at them to.. “Stop That.” And the HG’s played a BB Bean Bag Game.

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