Solid F3 deal?

After the big cuckoo-drama in the Big Brother 2011 House yesterday, I’m ready to talk some game.. How about ya’ll?

Let’s see where we are.

Brendon is done. If his fate wasn’t already sealed before, Rachel’s stunt yesterday did the trick.  Porshe had previously promised Rach she’d vote to keep Bren, but again.. after yesterday… I don’t see her sticking her neck out that far.  My prediction is that Brendon goes out 6-1.

Now- who do we want to win HOH?  That’s the next big question.  I personally want to see either Shelly or Adam win.  Let them start their games in earnest.  Plus- I think both of them would put up Lawon and Kalia and THEY are who I’d like to see on the block this week.

Neither one of them have had to sweat ONCE during this game. They’ve been sitting pretty for a long time, and I want to see them squirm.  Kalia does NOTHING but talk big. Let’s see how she handles the pressure of the block. And Lawon? He’s a cool customer-I have a hard time getting a read on him. But he hasn’t played the game at all, so far.  He won’t even share his thoughts with his own alliance Dani and Kal).  Putting him up against Kalia will force him to play.

And.. of course.. Backdooring Dani is always an option.

If you don’t have the LIVE FEEDS– GREAT JEHOSOPHAT!! What are you waiting for??? We FEED watchers will be able to witness the aftermath of the HOH competition, immediately after the CBS show! YAY!!  SIGN UP HERE to join us!  come-on… ya know you want it..

Tonight’s comp will be some kind of question/non-physical competition.  a la “Knockout” or “Houseguest Says”. So brains should triumph over brawn.  We also forsee Twist News tonight in Big Brother 2011.  If they are- in fact-bringing someone back into the house, they will either have to DO it tonight, or REVEAL it tonight. With Brendon leaving– and NOT going into jury– they COULD do it next week, and keep him in sequester like the other three-Dom, Cassi and Keith. Either way– I’m betting we find out tonight.




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