Well, everyone made the obligatory Big Brother 2011 HOH rounds, pleading their cases with Dani.  There were some extremely uncomfortable moments, particularly with Brenchel. Rachel was in an almost comatose state, having had a breakdown minutes before they were due to go up.

We shoulda seen it coming– This is immediately after Brendon and Rachel left the room, right after Brendon told Dani he would’ve won America’s Favorite last season if he hadn’t gone for revenge..

Neither Brenchel nor JeJo threw each other under the bus.. They both accepted offers that if Dani wouldn’t put them up, they wouldn’t put her up next week.. Of course, Dani already had her plans in effect. It didn’t really matter what any of them said.  Check out the FLASHBACK on the LIVE FEEDS- to see the HOH conferences (3:30 BBT on.)

big brother rachelbig brother 13 brendon

Once we came back from Big Brother 2011 Trivia, the lines had been drawn and it’s…..Brendon and Rachel  on the block.  As I mentioned before. This week is a POV week.  Everything depends on the POV. It should be a rockin’ good time to watch on the FEEDS tomorrow when they house plays for POV.

Brendon plans on trying to talk the house into voting him out over Rachel.. But let me tell ya, folks..

The war ain’t over folks… Not by a long shot!!



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