Sick of waiting for CBS to reveal the Big Brother 2011 Houseguests? Ready to see Big Brother Live?

Well, your BB pain is almost at an end.



The Big Brother Pre-season kicked off with Big Brother Media Day on June 21st–where selected journalists from TV, Print and Internet media– spent the night in the BB13 House, competed in competitions and even evicted their own.

According to sources, one of our favorite–and very cool– actors participated in the fun.

Pauley Perrette- Abby from NCIS


Pauley Perrette, who plays Abby on the CBS show NCIC apparently hosted one of the events, so you know it’s gonna be fun to watch!

We know, from years of experience and little whispers from birdies, that the Media Folks will be releasing their stories on  Mon-Tues, June 27 or 28.  Which means we will finally get to set our eyeballs on our new Houseguests on the following day–Tues-Wed, June 28 or 29.

THAT will be followed the next day with a tour of the Big Brother 2011 House, with Julie Chen.

For a taste of what THAT looked like- Check out this Re-play of the Big Brother 12 Tour.

So– to recap:

  • June 27-28 Media Day Releases Pics of BB2011 House
  • June 28-29 Houseguests Revealed on CBS Early Show- and Bigbigbrother will have that for you immediately after
  • June 29-30 Tour of BB House with Julie Chen
  • July 3 (est.) Houseguests enter the BB House
  • July 6 LIVE FEED Discount Expires
  • July 7 Android App for Live Feed Available
  • July 7  BIG BROTHER PREMIERE!! Halleluiah!
  • July 8  1amET/12amCentral/10pmPT– Big Brother Feeds go LIVE and we get to see the REAL show!

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So.. if you’re counting… And who isn’t??… by Friday, our suffering will be at an end and we can start this game for REAL!

And–don’t worry– Bigbigbrother will give you any and all information we can possibly dig up on these HG’s before the show begins…

all the gossip

Hang in there, folks.. We have almost made it to that cool, shady oasis in the middle of our non-BB desert.

our BB oasis is in sight



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