It is Monday afternoon and we are just waiting for the Power of Veto Ceremony to take place sometime today in the Big Brother 2013 house, but until then let’s start up a friendly conversation among our Big Brother 15 family! So, the big issue on Big Brother 2013 has been the racist and homophobic statements that have come out of the mouths of many of the HouseGuests this season. CBS even put up a disclaimer on the Live Feeds and on the show last night about the comments being made and watch at your own discretion. So, should CBS kick out the HouseGuests that have made these comments or should they stay on Big Brother 2013? Take our Big Brother 2013 poll below!

gina marie-ugly

Here are my thoughts (and don’t let it sway your votes), but I feel they should stay in the house. Why? This is a reality TV show and what are seeing on that TV screen or computer screen is real life. There are no scripts and no filters. These ignorant people are being themselves and it is a sad display to see in the year 2013. Problem is: this goes on around the world every day and it is always covered up someway or somehow.

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Discrimination and hate is alive and well in this world and for me, this shines a light on the subject. Many people thought racism was gone or homophobia is gone. I mean, the Supreme Court allowed gay marriage, so everyone accepts the gays now, right? WRONG!!!

Am I disgusted by what these girls are saying? Yes! Do I think they should go home because of it? No! The incident between Candice, GinaMarie and Aaryn last night on Big Brother 2013 was despicable and I give props to Candice for not slapping either of them in the face. The moment between Candice and Howard after the huge blowup and he carried her out of the room was beyond amazing. It was touching and brought a tear to many eyes that were watching.

When all is said and done, these people will have to deal with their actions in the Big Brother 15 house when they join the real world again. Jobs lost, friends lost and a big white light shining on them as people I do not want to associate with. The world is now talking about the issue and people are riled up about it, but that is a good thing. Keep those talks going and maybe it will change the way certain people think or talk about other human beings.

Just my thoughts, but share your thoughts in the comments and vote in our poll here:

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