Just when I start liking GinaMarie and thinking she should be one of the final HouseGuests on Big Brother 2013, she then goes and opens her mouth again and reminds us all why we wanted her gone in the beginning and why she lost her job. Things got crazy last night in the Big Brother 15 house and we have another attempt at a flip of the house and it never even came from Amanda. Elissa is nuts and she cannot drink wine anymore! Check out the highlights in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Amanda and ElissaPhoto Credit: BigBrotherGossip.com

So, earlier in the day we had the Veto Meeting for Week 10 and there was no big shocker there. McCrae took himself off the block and GM put Spencer as the renom. This was the plan and it went down as is. Spencer would be on the block for the seventh time and yet not be the target….or would he???

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The HGs are convinced that this week is a Double Eviction Week (which it is) and The Exterminators are planning on taking Elissa out before McCrae. It looks like they have legitimate concerns. Why? Elissa is just bat shit crazy and drinks wine and no one knows what she is going to do. Remember when she was HoH and wanted to target Aaryn right off the bat and then switched all of a sudden to Amanda?

Despite all the taunting and torture from Amanda, Elissa approaches her last night about flipping the house and voting out Spencer on Big Brother 2013! Elissa wants to go Final 4 with Amanda, McCrae and Andy. Yeah, that makes sense. This gets Amanda excited and thinks it could happen. She wants Elissa to give her wedding rings as collateral to make sure Elissa is serious. We’ll see if that happened.

Now Andy talked with Amanda and he is playing up his excitement. He tells The Exterminators that he will play it off all week, but then when the vote is tied (Andy and Judd for Amanda and Elissa and McCrae for Spencer) Andy will act shocked and blame Elissa for flipping back and voting out Amanda and then McCrae will target Elissa at the DE, like The Exterminators will be doing.

Amanda has life back in her now, so this could be a fun couple of days. We still have a long ways to go before the live eviction show for Big Brother 15, so hold tight.

We can’t forget GinaMarie though. When she is informed of this stunt by Elissa, she goes nuts. The GM from earlier in the season comes out and I am disgusted by her….again. My favorite three players lately: GM, Elissa and Judd. Yup, Judd is the only one that remains on the list and the only HG remaining I want to win the $500,000.

GM went off a lot about Elissa and the other HGs were with her on the topic. They were talking about Elissa and her age and her husband and her son and who the Dad was (not her husband) because of timing issues. Elissa is quiet about all that stuff, so it has them wondering. And GM goes and says this: “Aaaaahhh..  yeah.. I knew she had a kid before.  First of all, that kid looks like a f*ckin’ Spanish Puerto Rican little dirt f*cking… There’s no way that f’in white guy is that..”

Yup, she said that on Big Brother 2013. Judd says to not talk about her kid and Andy thought he was cute. GinaMarie: “Yeah, but that kid looked Spanish, dude. That kid looks like, dark skinned.”

Ugh…how do these people think and talk this way? It is 2013 and people just need to be slapped for being idiots. J-U-Double-D for the win!

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