Seeming that we all know how the live eviction vote will go every week on CBS for Big Brother 2013 and these HouseGuests don’t want to abandon ship and do their own thing it looks like CBS is going to have to step in and bring some excitement back into Big Brother 15, but how??? Everyone is complaining about this being the worst season ever and the most boring season ever, but what would you do to change it? I give my thoughts in the Big Brother 2013 spoilers that follow!

Big Brother 15 Cast

I know that we can’t replace all the HGs with new ones, but that would be my dram choice! Anyone else feel this way?

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That possibility is gone, so what else? We have not seen Pandora’s Box yet, so maybe that will be revealed this week? Give out a Golden Power of Veto or something in it?

Everyone is talking about one of the jury members coming back in the house and maybe letting America vote them back in, but would that really spice things up? These people couldn’t take on the powers-that-be while they were in the house, so how could they do it now on Big Brother 2013? They must come back (if they do) with some kind of power that has the other HGs running scared!!!

I think they are going to be bringing someone back into the Big Brother 2013 house and another double eviction will be happening, but when? I think Big Brother host Julie Chen is going to drop a bomb on us tonight, but what do you think it will be? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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