I write about Big Brother 2013 on a daily basis and I moderate the comments on this amazing fan page and on the Facebook page for the site and I am just going to take a little time today, since Tuesdays are normally a slower time in the Big Brother 15 house, and do some venting of my own. Is Big Brother 2013 rigged for Amanda Zuckerman to win it all? My answer: no and to think so is a little absurd. Some of the Big Brother 2013 spoilers might make us think this way, but I am not buying it.

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Amanda

I will start out by saying that we are all entitled to our own opinions, so I am not knocking the idea that this season is rigged, but just as much as you believe it is rigged, I can believe that it is not. Everyone is claiming that Amanda is best friends with executive producer Allison Grodner and that is why she is on the show and Big Brother 15 is fixed for Amanda to win.

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While this statement may be true, it is Hollywood and it is a business about who you know. I mean, it worked for Elissa Slater and getting on the show because of her sister Rachel Reilly. The funny thing about this is that at the beginning of the season, everyone was saying it was rigged for Elissa and she is the winner and she won the MVP every week and that was fixed. So, the season started out rigged for Elissa, but now it is rigged for Amanda? My head is spinning here!

For the being rigged statement, here are my thoughts:

  • The season started with 16 HouseGuests. In order for the season to be fixed, all 16 of them had to be in on it. Things have to work out a certain way and things have to be said and done a certain way. The cameras are on them 24/7 and I doubt all 16 of these HGs could keep up that charade for three months.
  • We’ve all seen the YouTube of Amanda and other shows she was on. We know she can’t act, so playing a role for three months does not seem possible. This is who she is and the HGs are afraid of her (for some reason) and they are doing as she says.
  • Amanda is a very controlling and dominate person. Her personality is huge and this is a season where no one in the house will stand up to her. Elissa tried this week, but it did not go as planned. Not because of the EP telling them all what to do, but because the plan did not work out fully. Amanda has not won a competition, so who would have thought the time would come now for her to win? Most Big Brother fans would have thought that since it happens a lot. Backs against the wall and the players normally win, like Elissa this past week at the HoH competition.
  • We’ve seen the Big Brother 2013 cast in action and they aren’t smart enough to pull this off.

The new thing now is getting Amanda kicked out of the house and a petition has been started. A similar petition was started for Aaryn Gries and she still remains in the house and will probably be evicted this week, but everyone seems to be forgetting about her comments earlier this season. Amanda has taken over the focus.

For me, I don’t think this season is rigged at all. I think producers play a part in any of the competitions and twists that happen and always have. It is nothing new and I don’t think Amanda will win this season. The players have her on their targets now and she will be gone before the end.

I say let’s all sit back and enjoy the drama that has finally started to happen over the past few days. We all complained of a boring season, so now things get spiced up a little and let’s enjoy that. Let’s enjoy Aaryn getting evicted and that interview with Big Brother host Julie Chen afterwards. Let’s sit back and enjoy a show we all love. If Amanda does win, so be it. She did it by controlling everyone and making them afraid of her and not because she may or may not be best friends with Allison Grodner.

***Update: On a side note, I write and work for a fan site of Big Brother 2013. I do not work for CBS and they do not sign my checks, so saying I have to think this way is even more absurd than thinking the season is fixed!!!

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