As our time with Big Brother 2013 is coming to an end, I am going to take a look at the Final 3 HouseGuests and look at why they should win Big Brother 15, but also at why they should not win. I will start out with Andy Herren and believe me, this is no endorsement for him to win. Just going to state some of my opinions on him and I will be doing this for all the HGs, so don’t worry. I mean, we have some slow times in the Big Brother 2013 house right now, so lets make some of our own Big Brother 2013 spoilers, right?

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Andy

Whether we like it or not, Andy, Spencer or GinaMarie will win the $500,000 and nothing we say can change that. They made it to the Final 3 and that is all they have to do to win the money.

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Why Andy will win Big Brother 2013:

  • We saw Helen in the jury house say that she respects his game play.
  • Floater or not, he has made it to the Final 3 and was able to play both sides of the house while keeping blood off his own hands.
  • He won HoH twice and yet, no one seemed angry with his evictions
  • He outed his game to everyone when they left, but that could help him and gain some respect among the jury members
  • He played his game and it worked. I mean, he is in Final 3. People might not like it, but he shifted where the power went and he always avoided being a target.
  • “Pop-in” Andy became a thing of the summer and whenever a conversation was going on in private, we all know that Andy would pop in to interrupt or find out some information.
  • He is a snake and a rat, but he also goes into the Final 3 with no one in the jury truly hating him.

Why Andy won’t win Big Brother 2013:

  • Fans don’t like floaters and while the jury talks over everything happening in the house, they will figure out Andy’s game play and tell him to get da steppin’.
  • GM will win Part 3 of the HoH competition and she will take Spencer with her to the Final 2 and Andy doesn’t even get a chance to state his case.
  • His paranoia from losing to Spencer in Part 2 (just guessing) of the HoH competition will make his head explode and Part 3 of the HoH competition will not be needed since we will only have two HGs left.
  • The jury members have loved seeing Andy cry so much this year that they talk and decide to not vote him the winner and give him one more chance to let it all out!

So, I have no clue who will win Wednesday night on Big Brother 2013. Things will become a little bit clearer when Part 2 of the HoH competition takes place, but the real answers won’t come until Part 3 on the finale. I was just having some fun on this Saturday afternoon!

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