With all the action in the Big Brother 2014 house these past couple days, Saturday night was a little slower. However, I think it is the calm before the storm for this week on Big Brother 16. With the results of the Power of Veto competition yesterdayit looks like it could be a battle of the meatheads for Week 3. The plan has been to backdoor Devin this week, but can they still make that happen? Check out the highlights from the Live Feeds yesterday in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers below!

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Jocasta has been sick with dehydration and heat exhaustion. She did not participate or even attend the Veto Competition. Donny won the veto and immediately went to her and gave it to her, so it looks like he will be taking her off the block.

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This is where it gets interesting. This will still allow Derrick to put Devin up as the renom and Devin can be voted off this week. (Side note: it would not be a backdoor anymore since Devin competed in the Veto Competition and had a chance to win safety for the week) However, the HGs are thinking and thinking and chatting and chatting some more about keeping Devin over Caleb! Derrick wants Devin gone and keeps bringing everyone back to normal, which he will have to do all week if Devin truly does go home!

Team America got started on their mission (get three HGs to spread the rumor that Zach is related to Amanda from BB15). They must tell this rumor to three people, who then must share that info with three other people for it to be legit. Derrick tells Victoria the rumor and that Paola told him before she left. He tells her to run it by Brittany to see if it is true. Donny tells Nicole and she is supposed to run it by Christine to see if it is true. However, this gets Nicole’s brain working and she thinks it is a twist and Donny is America’s Player (this could hurt him), but she did run it by Christine. Frankie will be telling Caleb and hope he runs it by Amber, which we all know he will.

To be honest, it is going to be a week of flip-flopping between Caleb and Devin (and the Veto Meeting isn’t even until tomorrow)! Donny has been causing some havoc in the house and people are paranoid over him. He is a comp beast and everyone likes him, so he could be a target next week.

The men did a hot body contest after the Veto Competition as well, so I am sure CBS will show us and that could be fun to watch!

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