The first eviction of the week on Big Brother 2015 takes place tonight, as Steve and Austin sit on the block for Week 12 on Big Brother 17 and one of them is headed to the jury house. Who did Vanessa decide is the best bet for her game??? Find out during our Big Brother 2015 Live Recap and see who got eliminated on Big Brother 2015 tonight!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Week 12 Eviction Recap

This is an interesting one, as we truly don’t know what is going to happen tonight and I love it. Vanessa definitely messed with our minds on Sunday night before the Live Feeds went down, as she talked to John about making a big move and voting out Austin this week over Steve. Was she being sincere or was it a plan to pin things on John?

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With that being said, we have a vote tonight and I made my predictions earlier. We also had our weekly Big Brother poll and it looks like we both were on the same page with this one, but it could be us just wishing for that outcome! See how the house votes and get ready for a new HOH competition in my Live Recap that follows!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2015 Live Recap or see who went home on Big Brother 17 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…Julie Chen surprises the HGs. Liz was in bed sleeping! John tells her she is not allowed to be there right now! She said they will sending someone to the jury house tonight and then a new HOH competition! Steve looks like he is going to die!

Now we go back to the Nomination Ceremony and the aftermath from that. Steve goes to talk to Vanessa and she said she has to go with her gut and she brings on the tears. In the DR, he asks why she is crying when he is on the block! Right!!! We now see Johnny Mac tell Austin that he will throw the POV to gain their trust. Austin and Liz run and tell Liz and she loves it.

VETO COMPETITION – They get to watch Life in Pieces also, so CBS promoting one of their other shows….surprise, surprise! For the competition, they have to put together a giant Life in Pieces puzzle. They have 20 seconds of the board being magnetized, so they have to get across the beam and put their puzzle piece on it and then come back and hit buzzer. If they fall off beam, their puzzle falls too. If their puzzle falls, they have ten seconds to hit their buzzer or be eliminated completely.

Vanessa is an idiot, as she is too busy studying the puzzle pieces and not the time and she is eliminated within like the first minute! John has a good plan, as he is building the puzzle in the trough and not putting them on the board. He is planning on throwing this, unless he has to win. Liz is doing well, but then Steve comes back and is getting very close. John knows that he can’t let Steve win, so he kicks it in and he wins the POV and has another great DR!!! Vanessa is freaking out because now she has to name a renom!

Now the aftermath from the POV competition. Vanessa is mad and crying. She has no idea who she is mad at. Um, yourself for getting eliminated within like a minute. Steve laughs about it in the storage room, as he said Vanessa asked for this!

VETO MEETING – John uses it to save himself. From there, Vanessa said she wants to do the fair thing. Liz was on the block last week, so she puts Austin up as the renom. Our final nominees are Steve and Austin.

Vanessa talks to John and she said she wants F3 with him. She wants to keep Steve. John then goes to Austin and said he might be crazy to keep a showmance and go with them to F3. This is all fluff! Just give me the vote on Big Brother 2015!

VOTING TIME – Time for their speeches. Austin gives kind words to Steve and then says he’ll see Julie on The Bold and The Beautiful. Now time for the vote:

  • Liz votes to evict Steve
  • John votes to evict Austin (and I just got chills….he said it is time for some blood, people)!!!

It is a 1-1 tie and now it comes to Vanessa to break the tie and she looks like she is going to die right now! Bring on the tears and she said she has to do what is best for her game, so she votes out Austin!!!! He is not happy and said she is not going to win!

HOH COMPETITION – For this competition, they are viewing statements from fellow HGs this season with bleeped out words. Julie tells bleeped out word and they have to say if true or false. Person with most points at end of seven questions wins HOH.

  • QUESTION 1 – All correct, so tied at 1
  • QUESTION 2 – All correct again, so tied at 2
  • QUESTION 3 – Steve is correct, so a 3-2 lead for him
  • QUESTION 4 – All correct, so a 4-3 lead for Steve
  • QUESTION 5 – John is correct, so him and Steve tied at 4 and Liz at 3!
  • QUESTION 6 – All are wrong, so no change in score
  • FINAL QUESTION – Steve and John are correct, so they are tied and tiebreaker between them!
  • TIEBREAKER – In seconds, how long was Under the Rainbow HOH comp that Vanessa won. They couldn’t go over and John went over, so Steve just won HOH!!! He screwed up his answer, but won HOH!

So, we have a live eviction tomorrow night on Big Brother 2015! Steve is in F3, but who is going him??? We find out tomorrow night. Brenchel will be there tomorrow night for a big announcement, so is she pregnant???

I will have spoilers later tonight, as the Live Feeds come back and I’ll have nominations and POV results tonight, so stay tuned!

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