Tonight we watched another Big Brother 19 houseguest walk out of the house and greet Julie. After the live eviction, the remaining HGs started the HOH comp for week 9! Well, it’s an endurance comp and didn’t finish on the live show, so here I am with your HOH live results recap! Keep refreshing this page for all your Big Brother 2017 spoilers!

Big Brother 2017 Spoilers HOH Comp Live Results! – Week 9

This week’s HOH comp is called Everyone’s a Weiner and they are all standing in Hot Dog buns. They are moving around and the object of this HOH comp is simple. If you fall out of your bun, you are eliminated and the last person in their bun will win this week’s HOH. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of this comp!

Live Feeds

As soon as the feeds come back up I will be updating this article! Thank you for your patience! Kevin was the first to fall right after the feeds came back up. Everyone is making fun of him and joking that he is going to get his butt kicked later. Matt was the second one to fall out of his bun.

Kevin and Christmas are on the sidelines cheering for everyone. Alex is already complaining that her feet are killing her and she found a dead bug on her, she freaked out a little bit. The HGs are holding on strong! Paul, Raven, Jason, Alex and Raven are left in their buns.

Josh is the third one down! Raven is complaining because Paul was jumping and making the whole thing shake. Paul stopped and then Alex started for a minute. They have since stopped because they are too busy getting sprayed by condiments and trying to hold on for dear life. The ledges that they are standing on are super slim. I’m surprised any of them are still standing. Their conversation has turned to if Alex is a hooker or not, I’m going to assume that’s what Zingbot called her last night when he was bleeped out.

Paul, Jason, Alex and Raven are still standing. Raven started pleading for them to let her win so that she can get a letter from her mom. No one seems to care about what she wants.

Raven is trying to make deals and asking everyone what they want because she really wants a letter and everyone still standing with her has already gotten at least one. Paul and Alex have gotten two. Jason tells her that he wants to win and she tells him that she does too. Paul is down! Jason, Alex and Raven are still standing. Raven is down and now Alex and Jason are fighting over who is going to win this HOH.

Alex tells Jason that she wants to be safe, she wants a jury vote from him if she makes it to the end and she wants to be picked to play in Veto if he gets HGs Choice. They make the deal, Alex jumps and Jason wins HOH!

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