With the events that have taken place since the live eviction on Big Brother 19, I’m suspecting that this Veto Ceremony is going to be an interesting one. I can’t wait until Wednesday night when we actually get to see what is said. For now, I know if Paul used the POV and who he used it on right here with my Big Brother 2017 spoilers!

Big Brother 2017 Spoilers: Power of Veto Ceremony - Week 5

With the deal between Paul and Jessica still in the air, I was wondering if he would show Jessica a sign of good faith and take her off the block. As a way to convince her that he isn’t targeting her, he is targeting Cody. Unfortunately, that will still leave poor Jason to sweat it out. Find out here what happened during the POV ceremony on Big Brother.

Big Brother Live Feeds

Paul decided to taken Jason off the block with the POV and it sounds like Cody refused to even give a Veto Meeting speech! I guess he thought it would be a waste of time, which is true whether Jess uses her Hex or not. Jessica tells Cody that next week’s comps are going to be do or die so it sounds like she will be using the Hex this week. I guess we will see!

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