Tonight on Big Brother 19 we will watch as one of three nominees are evicted out of the Big Brother 2017 house. Which one will it be? Jessica Graf, Elena Davies or Raven Walton? We all think we have an idea, so make sure you let me know who you think is going home by voting in my Big Brother 19 Eviction Poll below!

Big Brother 2017 Who Will Be Evicted - Week 6 (POLL)

Elena was put on the block as a pawn with Mark, but when Mark won the POV, he took himself down. Raven agreed to be a pawn for Josh because everyone knew that Jessica was the target. Jessica wasn’t the original target though, Elena was. So, who will be going home tonight on Big Brother 2017?

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Today could prove to be an interesting eviction night. With their being an extra nominee this week, the votes could be pretty spread out. Jessica could have fought to stay in the house and maybe send Raven or Elena home, but instead she decided that she was going to stay locked in her room. When she wasn’t locked in her room, she was picking fights with Josh and that probably wasn’t a smart move either.

Considering Jessica wasn’t even Josh’s target, Elena was, if Jessica just kept her personal feelings for Josh quiet, she could have saved herself. It wasn’t like he did anything to provoke the fight anyways, him and Mark were simply playing with the Snapchat glasses. Some will call her a bully for it, some will say that the things Josh did to them made him a target and some would say that this is just a game and who cares? The truth is, those things play a part in how people think inside the Big Brother house.

With all that being said, Jessica is the target, Elena was the target and some could say that Raven should be the target, but this is Big Brother and anything can happen. Who do you think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother 19? Let me know in the poll below!

Join me tonight for the live eviction and HOH comp on Big Brother 19 starting at 9/8c on CBS!

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