Tonight there is going to be a double eviction on Big Brother 19 and we know who the first set of nominees are because it’s been playing out all week. We also have a pretty good feeling we know who will be the first Big Brother 2017 HG in the Jury House. So, like I did last week, instead of telling me who you think will be evicted, because we already kind of know, we are going to do a different kind of poll!

Big Brother 2017 Who Will Be Evicted - Week 7 (POLL)

This week we will do a poll on who you would evict if you were in the Big Brother 19 house! Based on all the things that have gone on so far this season, would you evict Elena, Matt or Cody tonight if you had a vote in the live eviction? Make sure you refresh your memory on some of the things that have happened right here with my Big Brother 2017 spoilers and then vote below!

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We all have out feelings about the nominees this week. Elena has stirred the house up a little bit by taking $5000 from Alex in the POV comp this week. Matt is a professional floater in the house along with his showmance, Raven, who has also done her fair share of annoying the other HGs. Cody, well, he’s Cody. He’s one of the only HGs that have played their own game this season and even though he may have made some crappy game moves, he did it without following someone else’s lead. Who would you evict if you had a vote inside the Big Brother 2017 house?

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