Tomorrow night we will watch as one of these three HGs on Big Brother 20 is crowned the winner of this season! We all have our opinions on who should be the winner of this season, so let me know below who you think it should be! If you have missed any of this week’s action, check out our Big Brother spoilers to get all the details!

Tomorrow night we will watch as the three round of the Final HOH play out on Big Brother 20. We already know the results from round 1 and round 2, but for those who haven’t read the spoilers, I won’t spoil it here for you.

In the opinion of a lot of Big Brother fans, Tyler should win. He has played the an incredible game, he won plenty of comps throughout the season and him and his alliance dominated this game all season. He had convincing F2 deals with a lot of the HGs in the house, which kept him safe in the house even when others were trying to target him. Let’s face it, it’s been fun to watch.

Then there is Kaycee. Kaycee was a late bloomer in the Big Brother house and whether it was on purpose or just how things played out doesn’t really matter. She ended this season with a Hacker comp win, 5 power of veto compeition wins and an HOH win. She stayed under the radar through the first half of the season making sure she had strong social connections with the HGs leaving the house.

Finally there is JC. There isn’t much to be said about JC and quite frankly most of us are still scratching our heads about how he got this far. While he was very manipulative to the Hive alliance, he only had one comp win all season. Regardless of any of that, he is sitting in the F3 and still very much in this game.

We will have to see how tomorrow night plays out, but for now, let me know who you think should win Big Brother 20 by voting in the poll below! Also, make sure you check out our Favorite HG poll right here to let me know who your favorite player was throughout the season. I will have the results of that poll tomorrow!

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