It is Double Eviction day in the Big Brother 20 house and the first eviction of the night will be one of these ladies. Will it be Haleigh or Sam joining the Big Brother jury first tonight? Let me know who you think it will be by voting in my eviction poll below. If you have missed any of the action inside the Big Brother 20 house this week, get all caught up with our Big Brother spoilers!

Haleigh has been on the block three times in a row now and each week the target got bigger and bigger. The only reason she wasn’t evicted last week was that Scottie won the Battle Back and ended up public enemy number one in the house. Haleigh has targeted Tyler, Angela, Kaycee (twice) and now that there isn’t a bigger threat in the house, it seems like the perfect time to get her out.

Meanwhile, you have Sam, who has not really been a huge threat in this game but has driven everyone in the house a little crazy. Haleigh was really hoping that Sam would completely lose it in the house this week because that may have given her a chance to stay, but that hasn’t happened, yet. Sam has freaked out a little bit over the week, but nothing that brought a ton of attention her way.

While we know who should go home this week, this is Big Brother and we are always told to “expect the unexpected.” With that all being said, who do you think will go to the jury first tonight? Let me know by placing your vote below!

Come back a little later this afternoon for my eviction prediction to find out who I think will be going to the Jury House later today and then make sure you come back tonight for my live recap of tonight’s Double Eviction episode and HOH spoilers for week 12!

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