It is going to be an interesting live eviction on Big Brother 20 tonight. So far every week we have seen one side of the house get blindsided and it’s usually the same side. Could tonight have the same outcome? Let me know in our poll below which of these HGs you think will be walking out the door one week before Jury. If you have missed any of the action in the house this week, make sure to check out my Big Brother spoilers to get all caught up!

Tonight is going to be an interesting night as one side of the house is looking to be blindsided yet again. While Brett has caused some rifts in the house and caused some drama, it doesn’t look like L6 wants him to walk out the door just yet. Bayleigh has made it very clear to Rachel that she is not the target this week and she is being used as a pawn. Bayleigh even went as far as telling Rachel all about her power to show Rachel that she can trust her.

While L6 is in a sticky situation this week with two of their alliance members on the block, they have to choose carefully which of the two they are going to be keeping around. That choice has been made and L6 has been working quietly to get the votes to keep Brett without alerting the other side of the house or Rachel. Brett has a big plan for his eviction speech tonight that might upset the other side of the house enough to vote Rachel out also, but I won’t ruin that for the people without the live feeds.

You are all probably wondering why L6 is turning their backs on Rachel this week. Rachel has been spending a lot of time with Bayleigh, fishing for information and also having some lies told to her. Bayleigh told Rachel that Tyler was targeting Angela and caused Rachel to go into full panic mode while on the block. Rachel then tells Angela and Tyler about it but they think that Rachel is just making things up at this point to make them as paranoid as she is. This has really upset the members of L6 because they need to know that if she is on the block as a pawn that she isn’t going to freak out like this, she is clearly failing to prove this.

So who do you think will go home tonight on Big Brother 20? Let me know by voting in my poll below!

Make sure you come back later to find out which of these HGs I think is going home. Then tonight starting at 9/8c I will have my live recap of tonight’s Big Brother live eviction and HOH comp!

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