We are looking at another possible blindside tonight on Big Brother 20, but with so many flip flip voters in the house, you never really know! Who do you think is going home tonight on Big Brother? Let me know by voting in our poll below and then make sure you come back later to find out who ends up being the second member of the Big Brother 20 jury!

If you have missed any of this week’s Big Brother spoilers, make sure you catch up before tonight’s show! This week we started with Kaycee and Angela on the block with a plan to BD Tyler, but that clearly didn’t happen. Kaycee won the Hacker Comp and took herself off the block and replaced herself with Rockstar. 

After choosing Tyler to play in the POV, he managed to pull off the win thanks to a screw up on Rockstar’s behalf. Tyler had Haleigh and Rockstar both pitch him safety after his big win (which was edited out of last night’s show due to time) and even though they were expecting him to take the deal and use the Veto to save Rockstar, he did not. He told Rockstar that because of what Haleigh did to him last week by targeting him as the Hacker, he couldn’t work with her or agree to a deal that would benefit her.

Tyler decided to use the POV to save Angela and because Kaycee was one of her original nominees, Haleigh decided just to put her back up on the block in Angela’s place. Tonight we will watch the campaigning and the vote talk that has been happening in the house since Monday but it hasn’t been looking too promising for Rockstar considering Kaycee is the Hacker and can still cancel one of the votes to keep Rockstar.

We will then watch as the remaining HGs vote to evict either Kaycee or Rockstar from the Big Brother house. Who do you think it will be? Let me know by voting in the poll below! I will have my predictions for you a little later.

Make sure you come back tonight to find out who is evicted from the Big Brother 20 house and be on the lookout for the HOH comp results later tonight. Tonight’s HOH comp is an endurance comp and will play out on the live feeds after the show airs.

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