Tonight is the first eviction on Big Brother 20 and with that comes my first eviction prediction! We all know that Sam and Steve are the final nominations this week and we all know that Sam has a special power that can give her the chance to come back into the house if evicted, but how will this play out?

We can’t really know for sure what’s going to happen tonight because the Big Brother HGs have been so evenly divided. However, we can all have a theory on what’s going to happen, right? Keep reading to find out my theory below! Make sure you catch up on all the Big Brother spoilers before reading on!

We have two big alliances in the house, Level 6 and The Sacred Six, which was formally known as FOUTTE before Bayleigh joined, making it a group of six HGs. We then have a few HGs that are just floating through.

Sam has this power that allows her a chance to come back into the house if evicted. I repeat, this is a CHANCE and not a guarantee. Tyler knew about the power and revealed that Sam was in possession of it to the L6 alliance. Which could be a good thing for Sam because some of them were starting to think that keeping her was a liability.

After Tyler revealed to his group that Sam had this power, they all wanted to save her because they want her and her power to be in their alliance. They are looking at this as a way to make sure that they are safe this coming week if they don’t end up in power. There are no guarantees that Sam will even consider using her power on one of them, but Tyler thinks that he has her trust 100%.

Steve has a pretty big alliance on his side as well. He’s got Scottie, Swaggy, Faysal, Rockstar and a few others. However, there are a few in his group that could be swayed to vote against him. Rockstar has voiced that she would like to keep Sam, but doesn’t think they have the numbers, Haleigh is also a little iffy on keeping Steve and then there is Kaitlyn who has been having issues within her alliance and if Tyler can convince her to side with him, then that could be all the votes they need.

Keep in mind, out of the L6 alliance, Tyler can not vote, but they have JC’s vote for Sam. All they need is to convince one of those three to vote for Sam.

Here is what I think:

Tyler is the only one in the house that Kaitlyn fully trusts. I think that if he can get to her before the live eviction tonight and convince her to vote with him, Sam will be safe with her power intact. If he can not pull this off then we know that Sam will use the power to give herself a chance to stay in the house.

Based on conversations in the house, I think that Tyler getting the seven votes for Sam to stay will happen and Steve will be sent home. Sam will then have her power to for one more week and if she finds herself in trouble again, she will be able to use it then.

Who do you think will be evicted? Let me know by voting in my Big Brother 20 eviction poll right here! Make sure you come back tonight for my Big Brother 20 live recap to find out who is eviction tonight! Remember too, the L6 alliance has a signal to look for. Tyler told them if his hair is down to vote Steve out and if his hair is up vote Sam out which will force her to use her power. Keep an eye out for that tonight on Big Brother!

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