It is eviction day in the Big Brother house and Kaitlyn has managed to pull off her BD plan to get Swaggy out of the house. However, it isn’t over until it’s over ad Swaggy has been rallying for votes for the last few days. Will Kaitlyn’s plan actually work? Or will Winston find himself walking out of the Big Brother 20 house later tonight? Keep reading to find out what I think below!

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Now I know that Swaggy rubs a lot of people the wrong way, but the Bros have also gotten under the skin of their fair share of fans as well. A lot of people think that if Winston leaves then the clear lines drawn in the house will disappear and the alliances will shift a bit. If Swaggy leaves, the house split is still very much there, other than the few floaters in the house this season.

Swaggy has been working really hard to get the votes needed to stay in the house, including trying to change Tyler’s perception of him. Winston, although he is nervous about being on the block, thinks that he can trust his alliance and the others that said they would vote for him.

Kaitlyn has been swayed in both directions since the POV meeting happened. One day she wants Swaggy to stay, one day and then the next she can’t get over the things he said about her. It’s all really a blur as to what she would do if there was to be a tie in the votes. I think that if there is a tie in the votes, this will be Swaggy’s best chance of staying in the Big Brother house. Do I think it’s going to happen? No, I don’t. I think that Winston will end up with the votes to stay and Swaggy will be the one to go home tonight.

Make sure you come back tonight at 8/7c to find out who is evicted on Big Brother 20! Be on the lookout for my live recap and join the conversation in the comment section below!

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