Big Brother 2018 Predictions: Who Will Be Evicted? Week 3

This week on Big Brother 20 we have watched as Scottie’s attempt to even out the sides of the house played out. His goal was not only to even out the sides, but to avenge his friends eviction and even though neither of the Bros admitted to Scottie that they voted to evict Steve, they still found themselves on the chopping block in the end. Keep reading to find out whether I think Brett or Winston will walk out the doors tonight on Big Brother

Another eviction day on Big Brother 20 is upon us and another eviction prediction I get to give you. So far I have been right, lets see if I can keep up the streak.

Winston has been a bit of a loose cannon in the Big Brother house. He is quick to react when something in the house doesn’t go his way. However, he has a lot of allies in the house that think he would be a better option to keep in the house over his bromance partner, Brett.

Brett is a little less abrasive with his actions and is usually pretty calm when things seem to get crazy in the house. He doesn’t always act like he is there to play, he sometimes acts like the house jester and some people think that he doesn’t deserve to be there because of it. Brett also got the brunt of the wrath of Kaitlyn when she found out that Brett and Winston went to Scottie and told him he should target her for getting Swaggy out last week.

They both had a plan to tell Scottie about Kaitlyn being the flipped vote week one that sent Steve home, but they didn’t mention it. Mostly because I’m sure that word got to them that Kaitlyn decided to do it herself (those of you who don’t have live feeds missed that.)

Brett has had a couple of the other HGs in the house campaigning for him so that he didn’t have to campaign against his friend, while Winston has been doing most of his campaigning on his own.

Here is what I think

I think that Brett will most likely stay this week because most of the house seems to want to keep him around. There are a couple reasons for this. One is that he will always be a bigger target than any of the other HGs and keeping him around will also keep Kaitlyn acting erratically (more so than her usual self). This will also keep the target on Kaitlyn’s back, even though her blowing up almost everyone game in the house has pretty much done that anyways.

Make sure you come back tonight and follow along with my Big Brother 20 live recap to find out who will be evicted. Also, stay tuned afterwards for the live HOH results as the HGs compete in an endurance comp to find out who will be the next HG in power!

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