So far this season I have been pretty good at predicting the evictee on Big Brother 20, but this week the vote has been so back and forth, things could get really interesting. Either way, the evicted HG will have a chance to come back into the house thanks to Sam’s Power App. If you have missed any of the Big Brother spoilers this week, make sure you get all caught up before tonight’s live eviction! Keep reading to find out who I think will be evicted tonight!

As you all know, I watch the Big Brother live feeds (how else would I be able to get the spoilers?) and this week the HGs have been flipping their votes every other minute. That makes this week’s eviction that much harder to predict. There are people on both sides of the house that would like to see either one of these ladies leave the house.

Most of L6 (well L5 plus Bayleigh) would like to think that they could manipulate Kaitlyn and can keep her around, meanwhile, the other side of the house would like to see Rockstar stay because she is loyal to them. There are a couple people in the middle, who could really care less who stays or who goes. Rockstar put a target on her back after last week’s eviction when she went at Brett banging pots and pans like some scary flashback from BB19.

Each side has flipped their votes back and forth trying to weigh out the pros and cons of keeping each of these nominees. They also keep in mind that whoever is evicted could possibly come back into the house and target everyone who voted them out. With that being said, I think that this week the house will decide to vote out Kaitlyn. She has been the least loyal HG, running her mouth every chance she gets and blowing up everyone’s game in the house and I’m sure the constant crying has gotten on everyone’s nerves as well.

Whether or not she will be able to get back into the house is a whole other topic. I think that Kaitlyn has a pretty good chance at earning her way back into the house as long as she can keep her emotions in check after being evicted. Who do you think will be evicted tonight and have to earn their way back into the house? Let me know by voting in my Big Brother eviction poll right here! Make sure you come back later tonight to find out which of these ladies is evicted and if they are able to earn their way back into the house! My Big Brother 20 live recap starts at 9/8c!

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