Swaggy found himself BD’d by one of his former FOUTTE alliance members this week on Big Brother 20. He campaigned and tried to rally at least the six votes needed to cause a tie, but did he get the votes to stay? Catch up on all of this week’s Big Brother spoilers if you missed any of the action!

Winston hated the idea of being a pawn this week, even if it meant Swaggy would be evicted. He knows that pawns sometimes end up going home, but did he end up going home or did his alliance come through? Keep reading to find out!

This week we watched a lot of back and forth in Kaitlyn’s feeling about going through with the plan to get Swaggy out. There were times where she actually told Tyler that she wanted Swaggy to stay. It didn’t help that Winston had said something about targeting Kaitlyn if he won HOH and the Bros went and told Scottie that Kaitlyn wanted to target him.

So how did the votes play out and which HG went home? The votes were as follows:

  • Bayleigh – Winston
  • Brett – Swaggy
  • Kaycee – Swaggy
  • Tyler – Swaggy
  • Rockstar – Winston
  • Haleigh – Winston
  • Fessy – Winston
  • Scottie – Swaggy
  • JC – Swaggy
  • Angela – Swaggy
  • Rachel – Swaggy (that’s enough votes he will be evicted)
  • Sam – Swaggy

That’s it, with a vote of 8-4, Swaggy was evicted from the Big Brother house!

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