We know who the winner of Big Brother 20 is! Keep reading to get a condensed version of what happened on tonight’s Big Brother 20 season finale including who won each round of the final HOH and where the votes fell. I also have the results of this season’s winner of the $25,000 America’s Favorite Houseguest prize! Get the details below!

Winner of Round 1 of the Final HOH:

  • Tyler

Winner of Round 2 of the Final HOH:

  • Kaycee

Winner of Round 3 of the Final HOH:

  • Kaycee

F3 Evictee:

  • JC

Jury Votes:

  1. JC – Tyler
  2. Angela – Tyler
  3. Sam – Kaycee
  4. Brett – Tyler
  5. Haleigh – Tyler
  6. Scottie – Kaycee
  7. Fessy – Kaycee
  8. Rockstar – Kaycee
  9. Bayleigh – Kaycee

BB20 Winner:

  • Kaycee by a vote of 5-4

AFP Winner:

  • Tyler

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