Then there were five left in the Big Brother 21 house! We are almost there folks, we are 15 days away from the Big Brother finale for season 21 and what a long season it has been. A lot has happened throughout the season and like every other Tuesday afternoon, it’s time for you to tell me who your favorite HG for week 11 of Big Brother is. Let me know by voting in our poll below!

**This article contains Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds. If you don’t want the POV spoilers, don’t read ahead!**

I don’t normally put spoilers in my poll, but I feel like this week I need to make an exception with everything that is going on inside the Big Brother house. It is week 11 and Jackson is HOH for the third time this season and he has put Cliff and Tommy on the block. Tommy is his target this week and going into the POV Comp on Saturday, everyone agreed that as long as Tommy didn’t win the POV, he would be voted out on Thursday.

Then the POV comp happened and when the feeds returned, we saw that Nicole pulled off another comp win during the BB Comics POV comp. The plan was to keep the noms the same this week, but Nicole knew that she couldn’t take the chance leaving her #1 on the block next to Tommy. Nicole used the POV at this week’s POV Ceremony which took place Monday afternoon. She took Cliff off the block which forced Jackson to renom Holly.

Now with the final noms for the week being Holly and Tommy, Nicole had brought it up to Cliff that it might be best for them to break up the showmance this week while they have the chance to. Cliff wasn’t really on board with the idea of breaking his word to Holly and Jackson, but he seems to be leaning that way now. Yesterday on the feeds, Jackson implied to Cliff and Nicole that he would be okay with Holly being evicted this week. While Nicole and Cliff know that he would be okay with this because he doesn’t have to take the blame, they plan to go for it anyway.

With all that being said, who is your favorite Big Brother 21 HG for week 11? Let me know by voting in my poll right here:

Make sure you check back for the results of our poll throughout the next couple days!

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