I think that this is probably a no-brainer, however, if you haven’t been keeping up with the Big Brother live feeds, Cliff really seems to have Jackson thinking more about the Jury at this stage in the game. This post will contain Big Brother spoilers, so if you don’t want to know what’s been going on in the Big Brother house, don’t read ahead. However, Cliff campaign to Jackson could play a huge part in this week’s eviction, just might not be the way Cliff hoped.

This week’s POV Ceremony was delayed so that they can do it live on tonight’s episode of Big Brother 21. With that being said, Jackson has won the POV and we can almost guarantee that he will use it on himself, leaving Clif the only possibly renom option.

Holly clearly has done any campaigning this week, after all, she is feeling pretty safe with her boyfriend winning the final Power of Veto of the season. However, Cliff has been working overtime trying to guilt and persuade Jackson into sticking to his F3 deal with Cliff and Nicole. What could Cliff possibly say that would change Jackson’s mind?

The points that Cliff has touched on are how Jackson is a man of his word and he gave Cliff and Nicole his word that he would take them to F3 if he won the POV. He has told Jackson that it will look really bad if Jackson goes against his deal with Cliff and Nicole. He tried to guilt Jackson into keeping him by telling him that he really just wants to make it to finale night so that his family can come and be in the audience.

He has even tried to use the Jury as a selling point. He told Jackson that if Jackson goes through with voting him out this week and then takes Holly to F2 with him, chances are, Holly will get both Cliff and Nicole’s votes to win. Cliff flat out told him that if he is in the Jury, Jackson won’t get his vote no matter which of the final ladies are sitting next to him. However, Cliff did tell Jackson that if he sent Holly to Jury this week, she could advocate for him and maybe make winning easier for him if he is sitting next to Nicole or Cliff in F2.

This didn’t seem to help Cliff’s cause at all, just managed to piss Jackson off. Jackson told Nicole that Cliff sealed his fate with that and said that he won’t be bullied into taking Cliff to F3. However, later, he tells Holly that he is really worried that he might lose now and even considered using the POV to save Holly and make her vote him out instead. He later retracted that and said that he doesn’t want to seem like a coward though.

Do you think that Cliff has made Jackson consider the Jury votes enough to change his mind on how he votes tonight? Or will Cliff still walk out the door and become the eighth member of this year’s Jury? Let me know by voting in our poll here:

Make sure you come back a little later today to find out which way I think this eviction will go. By the way, I know this one is a no-brainer, but it’s kind of my job to write these articles.

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