Last night on Big Brother 21, we watched as Jackson won the Power of Veto and then used it to take himself off the block. Cliff’s plan to take out a big target this week was then flushed down the toilet when the Six Shooters were able to talk him into renoming Bella instead of one of there own. Who do you think will go home this week on Big Brother? Let me know by voting in our poll below!

We all thought that with Cliff in the HOH room that we could expect one of the Six Shooters to go home or Christie would be forced to use her power to put Bella on the block. However, Christie didn’t have to use her power because the Six Shooters promised not to target Cliff or use Christie’s power against him as long as he put Bella up at the POV Ceremony.

He made a game move that he felt was the best for him and put Bella up on the block after Jackson used the POV to take himself down. Bella has been campaigning to everyone in the house ever since. She has made it a point to point out that she is a bigger target than everyone else, she is less of a comp threat and Jack is going to win the season if they keep him in the house any longer. Let’s face it if they take out all the HGs outside of their alliance, who will be left to take him out?

Jack has done his campaigning as well and has the bigger alliance in the house, however, will that keep him safe considering his alliance members also recognize that he is a threat in this game? Who do you think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother 21? Let me know by voting in my poll below and stay tuned for my prediction coming up a little later! Also, make sure you come back later tonight for my live recap of tonight’s eviction episode of Big Brother and my live HOH results as they play out on the live feeds after the show!

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