It is Eviction Day in the Big Brother 21 house and Holly had her sights set on Nick going into this week. With Nick becoming America’s Prankster and knowing that he was most likely going to see the block this week, he got to pick who was going to be sitting next to him. So which of these HGs will be heading to Jury? Let me know who you think it will be by voting in our poll below!

The HGs were informed after last week’s live vote and eviction that this week would be Prank Week. It all started when the HGs were pranked at the HOH comp. Big Brother had been playing bird sounds all night the night before the eviction and they were all convinced that this week’s comp was going to be a Q&A about the bird calls. However, they were told that the bird calls had nothing to do with the HOH and were told that instead, they would be competing in a skills comp.

After Holly won the HOH, she was informed that her HOH would be impacted by Prank Week. She was hoping that meant that she would be able to prank her fellow HGs, but that wasn’t the case. America voted for who they wanted to see win America’s Prankster and the results of that vote gave Nick the power to name on of the noms at this week’s Nomination Ceremony and if his nominee came down, he would then name the renom.

Nick has been Holly’s target for a little while now after she got wind of Nick’s intentions to use Holly as a pawn if he won HOH. Nick’s target has been Jessica for the longest time, but after Christie attempted to blow up his game at last week’s Taco Tuesday dinner, his target shifted. Nick put Christie on the block next to him thinking that he would have the best shot at beating her in a vote.

After Jackson won the POV and decided not to use it, Nick and Christie became the final noms for week 9 of Big Brother. So which of these HGs will become the fourth member of our Big Brother 21 jury? Let me know who you think it will be by voting in our poll right here:

Stay tuned for my Eviction Prediction coming up a little later today. Also, tonight’s HOH comp will be an endurance comp which will play out live on the Big Brother live feeds. Make sure you come back for my live recap of both tonight’s show and the HOH comp!

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