With Nicole in the HOH this week on Big Brother 21 and Jackson and Holly on the block, Cliff made deals with both nominees that if they won the POV, they would take him to Final 3. Both Holly and Jackson agreed to this deal, but it was clear that they didn’t plan to stick to it. Read on to find out what Cliff attempted to do with his campaign and find out if I think it did any good for his chances here with our Big Brother eviction prediction.

Ok, listen, I’m not going to sugar coat this in any way, I fully expect that Jackson is going to evict Cliff tonight on Big Brother 21. I know that me saying this isn’t much of a prediction and more me just stating facts, however, how am I suppose to make a “prediction” when this is just so predictable? Exactly, I can’t.

In the last couple of days, Cliff has really been trying to get Jackson to keep him over Holly. However, Holly is Jackson’s No. and there isn’t really anything Cliff could say that would change Jackson’s mind about taking Holly to F3. While Jackson knows that Cliff has stayed loyal to Holly and Jackson and he knows that last week was all Nicole’s doing, Jackson has stated that unfortunately Nicole was thrown the HOH and isn’t on the block. Time and tie again Jackson and Holly have said that if they weren’t forced to throw the HOH to Nicole, Holly could have probably won it and Nicole would be the one being evicted this week.

Tonight we will get confirmation that Cliff was evicted and then Jackson, Holly, and Nicole will go on to play in the first round of the final HOH competition of the season. The winner of that will automatically advance to the third round while the other two will compete for their chance to face off with the winner of round one. I will have spoilers for you throughout this process so make sure you check back here for all the details as we get closer to finale night!

Who do you want to see win the final HOH? Who would you like see win it all?

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