Here we go! It’s Eviction Day in the Big Brother 21 house and it’s either going to be Jack or Jackson that walk out of the Big Brother house and into the jury house tonight! Who will become the first member of the Big Brother 21 jury? Let me know who you think right here by voting in our poll! Read on to find out which of these two HGs I think will become Juror #1!

Spoiler Alert! There will be Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds in this post!

With Jessica in the Big Brother HOH this week, we all assumed that she would make a big move. She has always been very vocal about wanting to do so if she ever won HOH. However, after Cliff flopped in his HOH and folded to the Six Shooters we have been reluctant to let anyone in this house get our hopes up too high. However, the demise of the Six Shooters helped Jessica’s cause a lot and she decided to nominate Jack and Jackson for this week’s eviction.

Jessica’s main target this week has been Jack and during a brief moment of paranoia, actually toyed with the idea of using the POV to take Jackson down and put up a pawn to ensure that it would happen. However, she decided to keep the noms the same and proceed through the week with Jack and Jackson sweating it out on the chopping block.

Jackson has refused to campaign against Jack this week because he made a promise to Jack that he would work with him. Even though they aren’t working together anymore, he thinks that not working against him still allows him to keep that promise. I also think that deep down inside, Jackson is feeling pretty safe this week with the HOH in his corner and her seemingly having the majority puts him a little at ease.

Jack has been campaigning pretty hard and plans to do even more today. He made a promise of safety to Cliff, however, Cliff didn’t really give Jack an answer on whether or not he was going to accept this offer. Jack plans to talk to Cliff a little later today, but it isn’t looking good for Jack. If Jack can’t get Cliff to agree to vote in his favor, he has a plan to “blackmail” Kat into voting for him by implying to her that he will tell Jessica and the rest of Kat’s alliance that she knew about the flip vote to evict Cliff.

Based on conversations inside the house this morning, it sounds like Nick and Cliff are voting to keep Jackson tonight. Those were the two swing votes that Jack thought he could get in order to be safe this week. Therefore, I think that everyone except for Christie, Tommy, and Analyse will vote Jack out and make him the first member of this season’s jury.

Make sure you come back tonight to see if I’m right and to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother! I will also have HOH spoilers for you when they become available.

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