It is Finale Day on Big Brother 21 and tonight we will watch as Nicole and Holly go head-to-head in R2 of the final HOH. The winner of that will then go on to face Jackson in the third and final round and the winner will then get to pick who they want to be sitting next to in F2. If you missed the results of R1 and R2 of the final HOH, check out our Big Brother spoilers for the results. Keep reading to find out who I think will win based on the results here!

Based on the results of our “Who Should Win?” poll that I posted yesterday, a lot of you think that Nicole should win Big Brother 21. She has played a cleaner game and her social game alone was stronger than anyone else’s all season. However, she didn’t start winning competitions until the end and didn’t pull out a win when it mattered the most. The competition she needed to win the most was Saturday’s R2 of the final HOH, unfortunately, she didn’t and her losing that competition put her in a pretty bad situation.

Jackson won R1 of the final HOH and Holly won R2. They have both vowed to take each other to F2, but is that really the best move for either of their games? I think that if the jury is bitter due to Jackson’s poor jury management skills throughout the final weeks of Big Brother 21, then Holly could win the $500,000. However, I think that this jury might surprise us. I think that Christie, Tommy, and Cliff have been in that jury house long enough to recognize that anything that Jackson did throughout the season was purely game. How he handled it wasn’t the best, but it was still game moves nonetheless.

I predict that Jackson will get votes from Jessica, Nick, Christie, Tommy, Jack, and possibly even Nicole if he is sitting next to Holly in the end. I know most of you are like “Tommy, really? After what Jackson did to him?” I think that Tommy has had enough time to sit and think about what happened and is a big enough fan of the show to know that this was a game move and he will respect it as such. Jessica has already said that if Jackson made it to F2 she would vote for him because of the moves he has made, the competitions that he has won and the fact that he was able to keep himself safe when he needed to.

Who do you think will win tonight on Big Brother 21? Make sure you come back tonight for our live recap of the Big Brother finale starting at 9:30/8:30c tonight on CBS. I will also be here recapping tonight’s premiere of Survivor starting at 8/7c on CBS! Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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