It is Big Brother 21 premiere week and we have an exciting week ahead as the BB21 HGs move into the house and start competing for a half million dollars! Keep reading to get all the details of this week’s Big Brother 2019 schedule, when the Big Brother Live Feeds go live, and when Big Brother After Dark starts airing!

The season premiere of Big Brother 21 begins tomorrow night at 8/7c on CBS and concludes on Wednesday, June 26th at the same time. However, that won’t be the last of Big Brother to air this week, in fact, we have 5 episodes airing between now and July 3rd! We then have an episode airing on Sunday, June 30th at 8 pm, Tuesday, July 2nd at 8 pm and then Wednesday, July 3rd at 8 pm (all eastern standard time).

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That’s a lot of Big Brother coming our way, but if that isn’t enough for you, the Big Brother Live Feeds go live on CBS All Access after Wednesday night’s episode airs on the west coast. Do you know what that means? Big Brother After Dark will be back at 12 am on POP TV or on Slice for our Canadian friends!

Tomorrow night we will watch as the HGs move into the BB21 house and begin their time at Camp BB. We will see them rush the house to get a bed, introduce themselves with a glass of champagne in their hand and then head out to the backyard for the first HOH competition of the season!

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After this week’s crazy schedule, we will go back to the usual Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights for the rest of the season. Make sure you join me right here for all your news, spoilers, recaps, and more as the season continues! Us the social media links below to make sure you get all our Big Brother 21 updates!

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