When the Big Brother live feeds went down earlier this afternoon, we had no idea where the vote was going to land. Now that the live show has aired, we have found out whether Holly or Tommy became the next member of the Big Brother 21 Jury. Keep reading to get all the Big Brother spoilers from tonight’s live vote and eviction!

Throughout the week, Nicole and Cliff have been set on breaking up the showmance and taking Tommy into F4 with them. Tommy had promised to throw the HOH to Nicole or Cliff and then gun it for the POV. He promised that if he should win the final POV, he would use the POV to take Cliff and Nicole to F3 with him.

However, last night on the Big Brother live feeds, a wrench was thrown into that plan when Jackson started planting fake seeds of doubt about Tommy to Cliff and Nicole. Jackson overheard a conversation that Cliff, Nicole, and Tommy were having where Tommy was reiterating that he would throw the HOH to one of them should he stay and that he would then gun it for POV and take out Jackson if he won. Jackson then spun this and told Cliff and Nicole that Tommy told him earlier in the day that Tommy planned to pitch this to them, but then turn on them and work with Jackson. They then decided that maybe voting Tommy out would be better for their game.

After comparing notes with Tommy this morning, Cliff and Nicole realized that nothing Jackson said to the was true. However, did that change their decision to vote Tommy out tonight on Big Brother? Here is how they voted:

  • Nicole – Tommy
  • Cliff – Tommy

There you have it! After everything was said and done, Nicole and Cliff decided to evict Tommy!

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