After catching up on the events since this week’s POV Ceremony on Big Brother 21, we watched as the HGs voted out another one of their own. Kathryn and Cliff found themselves on the block going into eviction night and at the end of tonight’s episode, one of them found themselves joining Jack in the Big Brother jury house! Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to find out which HG was evicted tonight on Big Brother!

Cliff and Kat are on the block together with Kat being Tommy’s target this week. However, when a new six-person alliance was blown up, it made a lot of people think that maybe keeping Cliff wasn’t good for their game. Was it enough to get them to flip their vote? Here is how the votes landed:

  • Nick – Kat
  • Christie – Kat
  • Analyse – Kat
  • Nicole – Kat
  • Jessica – Cliff
  • Holly – Kat
  • Jackson – Kat

With a vote of 6-1, Kat has been evicted from the Big Brother house and will be heading to the Jury house. On her way out of the house, the only person she hugged was Jessica. After Kat’s eviction interview, the HGs will go on to compete in an endurance comp! Make sure you stay tuned for our Big Brother HOH spoilers starting soon.

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