Tonight we watched as Nicole and Holly went head-to-head in R2 of the final HOH on Big Brother 21. The winner of that comp then faced off against Jackson in the final round. Find out who won the Final HOH, who they took to F2 and which one of them won Big Brother 21 and took home the $500k grand prize! You can also find out which of the Big Brother HGs took home the $25,000 prize and was named America’s Favorite Houseguest right here!

We got to watch as the second round of the final HOH played out and Holly took the win. She earned her spot to go up against her showmance partner, Jackson, in the final round. After R3, Jackson took the win for the final HOH and had to decide if he was going to stick to his word and take Holly or take Nicole to F2. He, of course, didn’t want to go against his partner and decided to evict Nicole leaving him and Holly sitting in the F2 chairs.

After the jury’s questions, which in my opinion, Jackson nailed and their final pitches, which again Jackson nailed, the jurors voted on who they felt deserved to win Big Brother 21 and this is how the votes landed:

  • Nicole – Holly
  • Cliff – Jackson
  • Tommy – Jackson
  • Christie – Jackson
  • Jessica – Holly
  • Nick – Jackson
  • Analyse – Jackson
  • Kat – …
  • Jack – …

Jackson has won Big Brother 21 and as he promised, he and Holly left the house holding hands. Jackson doesn’t look as happy about this win as I expected.

America’s Favorite HG for BB21 is:

  • Nicole

Nicole is thrilled that she won, Jackson hopes that his family is proud of him, and Holly is thrilled that she is $50,000 richer.

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