Big Brother 22 has kicked off in a big way and while we have only had a couple of episodes, I know that some of you might have formed an opinion or two. As most of you know, I run a weekly poll where I ask you to vote on your favorite Big Brother HG! Also, I will keep this article spoiler-free every week for those of you who don’t watch the feeds or read my spoilers.

So far this season of Big Brother 22, we have seen a lot of things unfold. The HGs had to play in a competition as they moved into the house on this season’s premiere in order to earn a spot in the HOH competition.

The HGs were all introduced to each other and then went right out into the backyard for their HOH competition where Cody set a really high bar for them to reach. Cody set the bar so high, that none of the other competing HGs were able to beat his time. He went on to win the HOH.

Cody saw an early duo forming with Janelle and Kaysar, who played together two years in a row and aligned with each other in both seasons. Cody intended to put both of them on the block, but then Big Brother threw a wrench in that plan with a twist!

The Safety Suite allowed for the HGs to choose to play in a competition for safety over the next three weeks. If they played this week, they couldn’t play in any of the other weeks that it ran for. A lot of the HGs weren’t sure what to do and at the very last second, Kaysar decided he wasn’t going to take any chances after speaking with Cody and not feeling very safe. Janelle followed suit and played in the Safety Suite also.

Kaysar went on to win the Safety Suite challenge and made Janelle his plus one. With Kaysar and Janelle safe this week, Cody had to come up with new nominations. He chose to go with Keesha and Kevin and that’s where we left off.

With all of the gameplay that we have seen so far, which HG sticks out to you this early in the game? Cast your vote below:

I will have the results of this poll for you tomorrow! Make sure you check back to find out where your favorite landed in the ranks.

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