Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have made it to the first live eviction of Big Brother 22 and as it stands Kevin Campbell and Keesha Smith are sitting on the block. Who do you think will be sent packing after tonight’s live vote? Cast your vote below and be on the lookout for my Eviction Prediction coming up later today!

This week we watched as Cody won the first HOH of the season. His original nominations were supposed to be Kaysar and Janelle, but after Kaysar went on to win safety this week and picked Janelle as his plus one, the plan changed.

Cody named Keesha and Kevin as his nominations this week and after not really being able to connect with Keesha, Cody decided that he would rather see her go this week. However, we know that things don’t always go to the HOH’s plan and sometimes surprises happen.

Throughout the week, the noms spent some time campaigning to their fellow HGs and they were both able to make their arguments as to why they feel like they should stay in the Big Brother house.

Kevin has been super sociable with the other HGs this week and he has really worked on building relationships inside the house. Which for him is huge because of his self-confidence issues. Problem is, he spent a lot of time being paranoid in front of the other HGs. Could his spiraling affect the way the HGs see him in the game?

Keesha waited to start her campaign, but she has also had someone else in the house campaigning for her throughout the week. However, Keesha didn’t really work as hard to make personal connections with the rest of the HGs. Could this be what sends her home tonight?

We will have to wait and see what happens tonight, but for now, you can let me know who you think will be evicted by voting right here:

Make sure you come back to find out who I think will be voted out tonight with my Eviction Prediction!

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