It is Eviction Day inside the Big Brother 22 house and this week we watched as Nicole nominated Christmas and Memphis at the Nomination Ceremony. Nicole has had her target in mind all week, however, will her target actually walk out of the Big Brother house? Let me know which Big Brother All-Star you think will be heading to the Jury House during Thursday night’s eviction below!

As always, I will keep this article Big Brother spoiler-free, however, the link is there if you want to check them out!

This week Nicole won her first competition of the season and became this week’s Head of Household. We thought that going into this week, Nicole’s target was going to be Christmas considering she tried to flip the vote and get her evicted during the Triple Eviction. However, we were surprised to find out that Nicole’s actual target this week was Memphis because she feels that Memphis is the stronger player, plus he nominated her in the first place.

It was up to Christmas and Memphis to win the POV and shake things up, but unfortunately for them, this week’s POV was BB Comics. Nicole blew them all out of the water with a time of 11 minutes and 21 seconds with Cody being the closest one behind her at 16 minutes and eight seconds. Memphis and Christmas each took almost a half-hour to complete this competition.

Christmas thought that she could convince Nicole to use the POV and backdoor Cody. Nicole has been working on convincing everyone that they aren’t working together and apparently she is doing a pretty good job at that. Despite all the work that Christmas put in, Nicole ultimately decided not to use the POV and kept her noms the same.

Now, Memphis is Nicole’s target this week, however, Cody and Enzo are the ones that are voting. They both know that Christmas has been trying to BD Cody all week. Will this sway Cody and Enzo’s vote? Or will the vote to evict Memphis tonight to avoid any ripples with Nicole? Tell me what you think right here:

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