It’s been a crazy week inside the Big Brother 22 house as Dani had to name four nominees for eviction and her target changed three times. Let’s recap the week and then you can tell me who you think will be evicted tonight and become the first member of the Big Brother All-Stars jury! This post will be free of Big Brother spoilers, but you can check them out right here to get all caught up!

It all started moments after Bayleigh was evicted last week and the remaining HGs competed in a wall comp for this week’s HOH spot. Dani came out of this comp the new HOH and had a plan in place to nominate David and Kevin for eviction. She had a backup plan where if one of them came down, she would be open to BD’ing a big player who also happens to be part of her alliance.

Well, what Dani wasn’t counting on was David having a power and taking himself off the block prior to the POV comp. When David pulled himself off the block, Dani panicked and put Tyler on the block in his place. At this point, she was just hoping that the noms would stay the same and they could get Tyler out of the house this week. Well, that planned changed when Day went on to win the POV and used it to take Kevin off the block.

Dani had no choice but to put either Ian or Enzo on the block since they are the only two HGs that weren’t safe for the week and were also not in her main alliance. She claimed that she was closer to Enzo and didn’t want to chance him being evicted by sticking him on the block next to Tyler. However, putting Ian on the block would put her in a tough situation because she has a F3 with Nicole and Ian.

In the end, Dani decided that she was going to put Ian on the block and convinced him he was a pawn and convinced the house that Tyler was her target. However, she knows that sending Tyler out of the house this week is not the best move for her alliance, so the target shifted to Ian.

Will Ian be the first member of the Big Brother 22 Jury? Or will Tyler be sent out because he is a huge physical threat in the house? Let me know what you think below and be on the lookout for my prediction coming up later this afternoon!

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