It is Eviction Day in the Big Brother 22 house and tonight we will watch as either Da’Vonne or Kevin are evicted and become the second member of the jury. If you missed anything throughout the week, check out our Big Brother spoilers for all the happenings from inside the Big Brother house. Otherwise, let’s recap the week and you can tell me who you think will be evicted tonight in my poll below!

After Ian was evicted from the Big Brother house last week and become the first member of our Jury, Memphis went on to win the Head of Household competition. He went on to nominate Day and Kevin for eviction at this week’s Nomination Ceremony. He later told them that they were pawns in his big plan, but neither of them really believed him.

His plan all along was to backdoor David, but he didn’t let his alliance, or anyone, in on this plan until after the POV players had been picked. He filled Tyler in on his plan and then asked him, Dani, and Nicole to throw the POV comp so that he could be the one to take one of the noms off the block and put David up in their place. It had already been talked about that if David was on the block at the end of the week, the majority of the house wouldn’t vote him out. Cody and Tyler talked about how David is on an island by himself with no allies (so was Kaysar, but you voted him out too).

So, the POV players were picked and Memphis, Day, Kevin, Dani, Nicole, and Tyler went on to compete in this week’s Zingbot POV. When the comp was over and the times were read, it was clear to Memphis that Tyler, Dani, and Nicole did not throw this competition because they all had pretty decent times and Tyler even went on to win this week’s POV.

Memphis was clearly upset by this and asked Tyler what his plan was with the POV win. Tyler told him he wasn’t sure. Memphis told Tyler that everyone who has wanted someone out, the house has supported that, but all of a sudden there is a hiccup when Memphis wants David out.

Tyler pointed out some great points about how Day and Kevin both pulled HG choice chips and didn’t choose David, they chose Dani and Nicole to play for them. He also points out how when Dani was HOH, Day didn’t see the block, but Tyler did. This has Memphis thinking that Dani and Nicole are trying to make side alliances and deals and he isn’t okay with that.

Tyler did not end up using the POV at the POV Ceremony so the noms stayed the same. Which leads us to tonight’s eviction show where the HGs are going to vote out either Kevin or Day. Who would you vote out if you were inside the BB22 house?

Make sure you come back later today to find out which HG I think will be evicted tonight from the Big Brother house!

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