It is Eviction Day in the Big Brother house and Cody has nominated Christmas and Tyler for eviction. After going on to win the Power of Veto this week on Big Brother 22, he was able to lock in these nominations. Let’s recap the week and then let me know who you think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother All-Stars!

After last week’s Triple Eviction on Big Brother 22 which sent Kevin, David, and Dani all to the Jury house, Cody went on to win the HOH for week 9 of Big Brother All-Stars. He was pretty upset about the two votes against Nicole during Memphis’ HOH during the Triple and decided that he was going to use that as his reasoning for this week’s nominations.

At this week’s Nomination Ceremony, Cody nominated Christmas and Tyler and told Nicole and Enzo that Christmas was his target this week. Cody knew that Christmas has a F2 with Tyler and that she is also really close to Memphis too. Taking Christmas out would then sever two potential F2 deals.

With there being only six HGs left in the game, all of them went on to play in this week’s POV. It was imperative for Tyler or Christmas to win this if they wanted to stay safe this week. Tyler timed out of this week’s POV Competition and Christmas had a pretty decent time, unfortunately for both of them, Cody, Nicole, and Memphis all had better times than she did. Cody went on to win this week’s POV which then locked him nominations in place.

Prior to the POV Ceremony, Tyler thought that he was doing himself a favor by telling Enzo about The Commission. However, when Enzo went back to Cody and told him what Tyler had told him, that just upset Cody and made him feel like Tyler couldn’t be trusted. Who do you think will be evicted tonight?

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