It is Eviction Night in the Big Brother 22 house and we have Christmas and Memphis sitting on the block. There has been a lot of back and forth between Cody and Enzo about which option is best for them. So which of these Big Brother All-Stars will be evicted tonight? Find out who I think it will be below! The post contains Big Brother spoilers, so if you don’t want to know, don’t read on.

We had Nicole win the Head of Household this week and she nominated Christmas and Memphis for eviction. Memphis has been her target all week, but she was worried about what would have happened if Christmas or Memphis went on to win the POV. The only renom options there would be Enzo or Cody and Nicole really didn’t want to put either of them on the block.

Lucky for her, this week’s POV Competition was BB Comics, which is a competition she has won in the past. She went on to win this season’s BB Comics competition also and was able to lock in her nominees. That didn’t stop Christmas from trying to have Cody BD’d all week though.

Even though Memphis is Nicole’s target this week, Nicole isn’t voting. Cody and Enzo are and have gone back and forth between the two nominees all week. Enzo has really been pushing for Memphis to stay this week and he has had some pretty good arguments.

Christmas is a bigger comp threat, she is definitely gunning for Cody, and they both suspect that Nicole would take her to F2 if she stays. Memphis has vocalized that he would target Nicole if he stayed, he has been slacking in his comp performance and he would take one of them to F2 over Nicole. The biggest problem that Enzo has is that Cody doesn’t believe that Memphis wouldn’t target him if he stays so he doesn’t see the difference between getting rid of Christmas over Memphis.

Tonight I suspect that Cody and Nicole will get their way and Memphis will end up being evicted from the Big Brother house. Make sure you come back later tonight to find out who is evicted and who will go on to win the HOH for week 11 of Big Brother 22!

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